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A-flutter: you say he's just a friend


"Jo! Hi, you remember Jacob right from the hospital?"

"How could I not. Nice to see you again Jacob."

Jacob didn't speak but instead gave a simple nod acknowledging his presence. The tension was growing by the second so I decided to just rip off the band aid, "What are you doing here?"

"Well, I would ask you the same thing but my eyes work. After I left your house this morning you seemed pretty upset but I see you are feeling better," he said as he glanced back and forth between me and Jacob.

"Jo, I didn't plan this."

"We kind of did," interrupted Jacob.

I glanced at him cutting him a sharp look.

"Well, we did. You ran into me in the park, we flirted, you asked about coffee."

I stared into his soul willing him to shut up and he did. "I'm sorry about this morning. Can I call you later so we can talk?"

"mmmhm, yeah sure," Jo said as he walked away from the table and out of the cafe.

"Why did you do that?"

"Do what? I was simply clarifying that this was planned. We ran into each other in the park and then planned to come. I just wanted to be clear."

"No, you wanted to make him jealous."

"What do you want me to say Molia? I just put all of my cards on the table. I told you all about myself and made it pretty clear that I am very interested in seeing you more. I like you and I thought you liked me too. What is the deal with this guy?"

"He's, he's...." I didn't even know what to say. I didn't know what Jo was to me. I had two great guys pursuing me who were nothing like my ex. I didn't want to push either one of them away until I knew what I wanted to do or if I wanted to do anything with anybody.

"Look, he is just a friend as of right now. I haven't had good success in the relationships in the past and I am really cautious about who I spend my time with. I do find you attractive but I have done the jealous, controlling boyfriend thing before and I that I won't tolerate that. I would like to get to know you better but I intend to see other people until I know that I want to pursue something more serious. Can you handle that?"

"I don't like it, but I can definitely respect it and I apologize for my behavior. I will even apologize to James the next time I see him."

"His name is Jo, and thank you. I appreciate the apology."

We finished our affogato which was amazing and talked more about our lives. I gave him a hug at my car before getting in and making my way home. It was a really great night minus the Jo awkwardness.

When I arrived home I decided to give Jo a call. It went to voicemail. I couldn't blame him. I was doing to him what women always complain about men doing, sending mixed signals. The truth of it was that I didn’t know what I wanted. Jacob had everything I thought I wanted. He was sexy, understood my job and the stressors, was fun, and a gentleman. Jo, I didn’t really know but he protective, and handsome, and

made me feel so comfortable it felt as if I knew him. I could just talk to him for hours about anything. The way he took care of me naturally was something I had never experienced with any man and made me suspicious. In my experience, if something seems too good to be true it usually was. I was confident in my decision to keep things casual with both of them. I had already told Jacob and now I just needed to talk to Jo and see if he would be willing to date or be friends until I could figure out what I wanted. If he feels a connection then he will be willing to take things slowly. If he doesn’t, well then that just makes my decision a bit easier.

With my mind a little clearer I decided that I needed to relax and get a good night’s sleep. I thought back to the pissing match I had witnessed today in the café. Jo, casually but pointedly mentioning leaving my house this morning gave me flash backs. As I thought back to my morning with Jo I slipped my hand into my bedside table drawer and withdrew my favorite toy. I clicked twice and heard its gentle buzz. I closed my eyes as my thoughts took me back to the café. I could see the bulge of the vein in Jacob’s neck grow as he clenched his jaw in jealousy. He calmed as he recounted the details of our not so by chance meeting to Jo.

My ego was aroused by the idea of two men competing for my attention. I imagined how soft and sweet Jo’s lips were against mine. I could smell Jacob’s cologne as he walked with me down the hall. I remembered Jo’s hand caressing my breast and Jacob lifting me from the ground effortlessly. I envisioned Jacob using his strong arms to hoist me up against a wall pressing his hard body into mine as he kissed me deeply and passionately. As my toy buzzed happily teasing my clitoris my body responded soaking my panties. I thought of Jo’s hand inside me. I had never dated outside my race but the bulge in his pants was impressive and eager as it jumped against my thigh. If I was honest, I wanted him inside me. I slipped my toy inside while my mind alternated between Jo and Jacob igniting my passions. I thrust it inside my warm, wet, soft, tight pussy. It was ecstasy. I was pushed further and further to the edge. My toy had transformed into the dick of Jo Bae with each stroke playing the ripples of my walls like a stringed instrument. Jo, Jacob, Jo, Jacob, ahhhhhh, shhhhhhhhh……I climaxed in lip biting, toe curling, hair pulling delight. It was just what I needed and everything that I wanted.

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