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Not only do we want to provide excellence service, we want each and every client to have happy, healthy eyes, and get the most out of their investment.

1.To keep healthy eyes while wearing lash extensions clients must cleanse their last extensions daily. We recommend lash shampoo.  We also recommend brushing your lashes daily after getting out of the shower to separate your lashes as they dry and improve retention.

2. Avoid oil based makeup and makeup remover as they breakdown the bonds in the adhesive and will cause your extensions to fall off more quickly.

3. Many people find that lash extensions removes the need for them to use mascara. However, if you choose to use mascara, make sure you use mascara that is approved for lash extensions

4. The first 24 hours after application we ask that you do not get your lash extensions wet as the glue is still curing. It is important that you avoid they eye area while taking a shower and washing your face to get the most from your extensions.

5. To extend the life of your extensions avoid sleeping directly on your face. Do not use eyelash curler, tints or lift products. Avoid pulling lashes or rubbing your eyes


6.If you experience any uncomfortable sensation after having lash extensions placed such as: burning, itching, stinging, or pulling please call I.C.U. Lash Lounge so that one of our lash techs can assess you and potentially remove your extensions.

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