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Cancellation Policy

All  eyelash extension or makeup appointments must be cancelled within 24 hours prior to appointment time to avoid penalty. Each client is allowed ONE time in which they can cancel their appointment after 24 hours prior to appointment and not be charged the deposit/booking fee. Once this one time "freebie" has been used, any subsequent cancellation made after the deadline will result in mandatory NON REFUNDABLE deposit before your appointment will be accepted REGARDLESS of the reason for cancellation.

Patch Test

I.C.U. Lash Lounge requires each client to have a patch test done prior to having  eyelash extensions applied to ensure the client has no allergy or intolerance to products used during application. This ensures that all of our clients have a pleasant experience. We recommend that each client have their patch test done at least 24 hours prior to their appointment time as most allergies will appear during this time frame. We understand that your time is valuable and you may not wish to come a separate day and have your patch test done so you may elect to have your patch test done on the date of service. However, if the client chooses to do their patch test on date of service the first 20 minutes of their service time will be dedicated to completing the patch test and will be counted towards total treatment time. A patch test is required for all new clients and any time new products are used on a particular client. Please notify your lash tech if you are taking any medications or have any known allergies to medications, foods or environmental toxins.



Clients will receive a 15 minute grace period for late arrivals. All services will be completed in the

remaining appointment time. After 15 minutes your appointment will be cancelled. Failure to show


up for your appointment without notice of any kind will require complete payment for the missed appointment and mandatory deposit for any future bookings before your appointment will be accepted. There is simply no reason to ever no show.


Any special scheduling request outside of normal business hours including appointments that start during the business day but end later than closing (ex. request  1 hr fill at 6:30 but service would end at 7:30-30 min after closing) are FULL PRICE +$25 VIP Fee

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