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A-flutter: What are we?

Updated: Feb 26

The next day Mo woke up feeling wonderfully refreshed. She checked her phone but nothing from Jo. While recalling the events of the previous day made excellent content for her nighttime stress relief, it did nothing for her conscience. She felt terrible when she thought back to the look on Jo's face when he spotted her with Jacob. She didn't want to hurt Jo, but everything was moving too fast. She had to talk to him and tell her how she felt. She decided she since he wasn't returning her calls the best way to apologize was in person. She slipped on some white shorts, a flowy lavender top and gold accessories then headed out the door to the see Jo.

As she pulled up at the salon, she suddenly became paralyzed with anxiety. Why was she so nervous she thought? It was just Jo, a guy she barely knew. However, it felt like she had known him her whole life. The way he made her feel safe made her melt into her feminine self. As she thought about the events of the previous morning, she was assaulted by the pain she saw in his eyes that afternoon. She could feel her heart begin to skip. "Not now," she thought. She laid her head against the steering wheel and allowed herself to focus on the cool breeze of the air conditioning. With her eyes closed she took slow deep breaths willing her heart to slow down. Just as she began to feel her heart calm she was startled by a knock at her window. It was Jo.

"Are you ok?" he said after she turned her attention to the window.

She rolled the window down. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine I just got a little nervous and needed a minute."

"Ok, good. Well, I was on my way out and saw you, so I thought I'd check to be sure. Talk to you later" he said as he started to walk off.

"So, we will?"

He stopped and turned back towards her car to face her. "Will what?"

"Talk again. I know how it looked yesterday with Jacob and that's actually why I'm here. I called you and you didn't respond."

"I was hurt. Honestly Molia, what else is there to say? You clearly have feelings for the nurse, and you don't for me."

"I never said that!"

"You didn't have to. One minute we feel like soul mates and the next you are kicking me out of your house saying things are going too fast but apparently not so fast that you can't make coffee dates with the nurse."

"I know. I know I hurt you and that's why I came to apologize because I do have feelings for you. I don't think I realized it until I was sitting there with Jacob and saw your face. He was being such a jerk and I hated him for being that way with you. I hate myself for being that way with you. I definitely cherish the moment we had together, and I agree there is definite chemistry, but it scared me. I was perfectly content with my life before you or Jacob. I had my career and goals and meeting someone just wasn't what I was expecting but I like you both. I want to continue seeing you if you can forgive me for sending you mixed signals. If not, I would understand but I really, really hope that you can give me another chance, she said."

"Do you work tonight?"

"No, why?"

"Be ready at 7pm tonight and wear something comfortable."

"What's going on at 7?"

"I'm picking you up, he said."

His voice trailed off as he walked away towards his car. No further explanation was coming. Molia was just going to have to wait and see exactly was Jo had up his sleeve tonight. It was the best possible outcome Molia could have hoped for. She now had two great guys pursuing her and everything was out in the open. Now all she had to do was sit back, let them woo her and let the best man win.

A few minutes later her alarm went off on her phone. It was her reminder to take her medication. Now that she had settled things with Jo, she headed home to get her day started and prepare for her date. It was finally the weekend, and she could relax. She ate, took her medication and settled down on the couch with a cup of tea. The voice of a laughing child rang out from her tv as she scrolled aimlessly through her social media accounts. A few moments later she received a text from Jacob.

"I would love for you to join me for dinner tonight."

Why did everything always have to happen at the same time? Now she would have to figure out how to reject Jacob without letting on that she was going out with Jo tonight.

"Sorry, can't tonight. Raincheck?"

"Praying for sunny skies, " Jacob replied. He followed up his text with a picture of him pouting.

After catching up on emails and reality tv she decided she should find something to wear on her date. Wear something comfortable he said. Hmmmm... this guy always knows how to give vague instructions. She walked into her bedroom casually flicked on the lights and made her way to her closet. Of all the things she loved about her home, her closet was her favorite. It was her happy place. As she walked into her full-sized closet she smiled at the rows of perfectly organized dresses, jackets, jeans, shoes, belts, and purses. She wandered over to a rack and pulled down several selections. She laid them across her bed then stood back to examine her options. The first was a simple grey spaghetti strap jersey dress. The second outfit was a jade green form fitting jumpsuit paired with gold thong sandals. The final selection was a pair of black leggings, black and white scoop neck graphic t and her favorite hat that said "boss" across the front. It was her favorite because it was comfortable, stylish and inspirational wrapped into one. She had decided that she would go with the jersey dress because it was comfortable but still sexy.

It was a little after 5pm and she decided she would shower and get ready. As she started her shower, she wondered what she and Jo would be doing. It was almost summer in Austin so the sun would be out a few hours longer. Maybe they would do something outdoors or grab dinner. "Dress comfortable could have so many meanings. She decided she would shave her legs just in case and sprayed her favorite perfume. At 7pm her doorbell rang. She answered the door to find Jo Bae with flowers in hand. He wore a partially open light blue button-down shirt, tan khaki shorts and loafers. She took the flowers and placed them in water before the left the house. As she walked up to his car he approached and opened the car door. After sitting she could not help but admire his car. It was beautiful. He drove a late model all black Lexus that was immaculate on the inside. She felt like a princess and was excited to see what was next. He pulled out of the driveway and started the drive. On the way they talked like old friends about musical interest, their childhood, hobbies, etc. and it seem like no time had passed, but 20 minutes later they found themselves pulling up to a call box. A few punches and the gate that was disguised as a garden wall would begin to slowly move away revealing the driveway. They pulled up to a home that could only be described as a modest mansion. The car, the house, it was clear that Jo wasn’t doing bad for himself, but she realized she underestimated his entrepreneurial endeavors. He was so young and while she knew he had some role in the nail salon she did not know the extent of how profitable of a business it was. Jo parked and walked over to open her door.

“Home sweet home” she said?

“Well, something like that. This is one of my investment properties. It’s where I like to come for a little peace and quiet every now and again. I love the view and I think you will too that’s why I brought you here.”

“And just how many women have you had here?”

“You are the first one actually.”

Molia smiled. “So, I’m popping your house cherry.”

“I guess you are," he said.

He then flashed a smile that made her heart skip. They entered the home through his garage and motion sensor lights lit the hallway as they walked into his massive living space. His place, while more masculine than she would have liked, was impeccably decorated and clean. The view was everything he’d said it would be. The entire back of his home was a massive window with the most breathtaking views of the Mt. Bonnell and the Colorado river.

He escorted her to the patio where he had a charcuterie board and two glasses of wine already prepared. He pulled out her chair and sat next to her. They sat facing the river. The weather was warm but the breeze from the patio fan made it absolutely perfect. The conversation was easy. He felt like the best friend She never knew I needed. He reached across the table and placed her hand in his. He brought her hand to his mouth and kissed it softly.

"Thank you for coming here with me. Being here with you feels like home."

"I know what you mean," Molia said.

"I think you passing out at the nail salon was the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's weird because I have never been the type of person who made friends easily. When I saw you that day, I just knew you would be important to me. I don't know exactly what it is, but you are special, and I want the opportunity to discover everything that makes you smile, laugh, cry, yell, cover your eyes and burst with joy. But I can tell that there is something holding you back. I don't know if you are scared about your ex or if you are just more interested in the nurse. I do know this, since I met you, my life has been different. I can't explain all the ways how but, in my heart, I know that we are connected, and I believe it's for good. I want you to know that I will never hurt you and for as long as you know me you have my loyalty and I'm safe to trust."

She sat speechless her heart quickening at the apparent sincerity in his eyes.

"Thank you," she said. Those were the only words her brain could muster. After another few seconds of awkward silence Jo spoke.

"Are you hungry?"

"Yes, starving!" Jo lifted Molia's hand that he was still holding in the air to signal her to stand. He walked her inside to the kitchen and parked her on a bar stool facing a massive range.

"So, what's for dinner?" Mo inquired.

"That's what you are going to tell me," He replied. He approached from behind and placed a blindfold over her eyes.

"Ummmm, what's this about?"

"One thing you should probably know about me is that I love surprises. I also, love to tease so this is a taste tease but don't worry I promise to feed you."

His voice was rich and calm.

"First, do you have any allergies?"

"No, I do not but the nurse in me is very impressed that you would ask." It was true. The fact that Jo considered her health before feeding her blindfolded and lending her helpless to any major food allergy mishaps was oddly erotic.

"Ok then on to the appetizers!

A few doors opened and closed, and she could hear Jo moving about in the kitchen. She could smell bacon. After a few more minutes he told her to open her mouth. Obediently but hesitantly, she opened her mouth.

"Hacha cha cha. That's hot!" she said.

"Oh my God I'm so sorry! I should have let it cool off. Besides the 2nd degree is it?"

It was tender, juicy, and just salty enough. The best she could tell she was eating a bacon wrapped piece of cheese stuffed shrimp. It was very good.

"Honestly, that is delicious."


Molia could hear him smiling even with her blindfold on and it made her smile that he was so pleased with himself.

"It really is. I didn't know that you were so good at cooking. I mean I know you cooked for me when I was released from the hospital but I kind of assumed you only knew how to make cultural food."

"Cultural food? What is cultural food? he asked. I mean isn't all food apart of someone's culture?"

"Ugh you know what I mean why are you doing this?" she said fumbling with her words. I'm just going to say it because I fear I will only make it worse trying to be politically correct. I thought you only knew how to make shrimp fried rice and egg rolls because you are Asian, and I am an asshole and I'm sorry."

Jo started laughing. "It's ok, we're all a little racist. I know we both have a lot to learn about each other and our respective cultures but I'm not sensitive. Don't worry about it."

Visibly relieved that Jo was so cool Molia decided to relax. Jo went on to feed Molia making her taste the ingredients as he cooked. When it was time to eat dinner, he escorted her to the dinner table where he had a beautiful bouquet of flowers arranged and candles. He sat her down and removed her blindfold. The view was absolutely breathtaking. His dining room boasted a very large window overlooking an immaculate rose garden. The sun was starting to set and was the perfect compliment to the room.

"I wouldn't have taken you to be a rose garden type of guy. Your house is just so modern otherwise."

"Well, this is just an investment property, but my mom really loved roses so at each of my homes I try to incorporate roses into at least some part of the home."

"That's really sweet. Where is your mom now?"

"Well, she and my father both lived in Vietnam, but she died 3 years ago from breast cancer."

"I'm so sorry," Molia said.

"It's ok. She was a really great mother. The only thing I regret is not being around more before she passed. I had already moved to the US for college and to help Cai and just thought I had more time. Seeing the roses makes me feel like she is still here. I still speak to my brother and sister regularly though. They live in California. Are you and your family close?"

"Well, my dad died in a car accident when I was three, but my mom and I talk almost every day and I don't have any siblings."

"Kinda grim dinner time talk huh?"

"It is but I don't mind. Death is a part of life. I'm also enjoying getting to know you. So, you seem to be doing very well for yourself. What exactly do you do?"

"Well, after I graduated from college, I opened a chain of nail salons and invested that money into real estate and now I just manage my properties and businesses while also investing in digital currency. I really enjoy it."

"That's awesome. I have always wanted to learn more about investing but didn't really know where to start. I make good money as a nurse and manager but nothing like this. Dinner, was fantastic in case you couldn't tell."

Molia had eaten the entire steak, baked potato and asparagus that Jo had prepared.

"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Did you save any room for dessert?"

"Oh, I wish I could but honestly I think if I ate another thing I might just pop."

He let out a gentle, easy laugh. His voice was enchanting. She honestly felt as if she could listen to him talk forever and not get tired. She felt as if she could really fall for him. After dinner, Jo escorted Molia to the rec room of the home.

"Have you ever played pool?" He said.

"No, you going to show me how it's done?"


He racked the balls and gave Molia a pool stick.

"So, first you have to break the balls. Whichever ball you hit in first will determine whether you are solids or stripes."

"Well, what if I hit in a solid and stripe?"

"You shoot again, and that ball will decide."

"Hmmm, ok. Well, who will go first?"

"Ladies first," he said with an easy smile and wave of his hand.

Molia leaned over the table to position the stick. Jo couldn't resist but to glance at her ample bottom displayed in front of him. He averted his eyes to keep his manhood in check. Molia struggled to get in a comfortable position as she was quite short against the length of the table.

"Would you like some help little lady," Jo asked.

"You have jokes I see. I would actually like a little help though. What are you going to do get me a stool?"

Jo walked over to the pool table and stood behind Molia. He grabbed her firmly by the waist and moved her directly against the table. He then directed her to lean across the table with her elbow stretched out to give her length. He leaned in close to her and she could smell his cologne. His scent was intoxicating and Molia swallowed hard.

"Is this good? she said as she looked back at Jo from over her shoulder.

He moved close to her neck and whispered in her ear, " perfect!"

His voice made her feel nervous, excited, and alive all at once. She wanted to maintain her composure, so she quickly attempted to break the balls. As she moved the pool stick forward, she lost her balance and fell face first onto the pool table. She erupted in laughter at her own misfortune. Jo also began to laugh all while attempting to ask her if she was ok. It was the kind of laugh that came from your heart and left you feeling clean and light on the inside. Molia managed to push herself up and flipped over on her back. She propped herself up onto her elbows as her feet dangled over the edge of the table. She looked up as Jo just stood there looking at her.

"A little help," Molia said. She extended her hand towards Jo for him to help her up. He grabbed her hand firmly and pulled her upward. As she sat on top of the pool table Jo moved towards her and brushed the hair away that framed her face. As he pushed the hair behind her ear he looked her in her eyes and said, "you feel like my best friend." Not knowing what to think Molia went with how she felt. She grabbed the sides of Jo's shirt and pulled him close to her. She looked up with her lips reaching for his and meeting them. They began to kiss deeply and passionately. Waves of both pleasure and desire bathed Molia and she felt enveloped in the moment. Her lady wanted to be a tramp and she knew exactly what she needed. It was then she was interrupted when Jo pulled away.

"Wait, what's wrong?" Mo said.

"You are someone special to me and I don't want to ruin that. Are you sure you want to do this? I'm not in a hurry so I want to make sure you are ready."

Niagra was falling and there was nothing Molia wanted more than Jo.

"I'm ready."

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