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A-flutter: Torn

Hearing those two words Jo pressed his lips up against Molia's. He wanted to push her back onto the pool table and ravish her but with her past he knew that restraint is what was required. So, he kissed her slowly but passionately. She kissed him back matching his energy. She became entangled in the emotions of the moment and did not even realize that Jo had lifted her from the table and carried her into the bedroom until he was laying her down on the bed. He gazed into her eyes and asked if she was sure. She made a slight nod to affirm her choice and he kissed her again. He kissed her lips, and neck. He traced the length of her neck to her collar bone and kissed her collar bone softly and deliberately as he removed the strap of her dress to reveal her shoulder and the top of her chest. He took a minute to look at her and drink her in with his eyes. She looked up at him, but how he looked at her was not one of lust and desire. He looked at her with the concentration and appreciation you use when you are trying to remember something important. It was unnerving. She was used to men rushing to sex. His touch was kind, intentional, and thoughtful. If there was one thing she had learned about Jo is that he was a thoughtful man.

She began to feel her body relax into his and her kitten begin to purr with each touch. One thing about a man who owned a nail salon, he knew what to do with his hands. He removed the other strap of her dress and ran his hand down her arm until he found her hand. He lifted her hand and instinctively she intertwined her fingers in his never breaking eye contact. He lifted her arm above her head and released it to lay on the bed. He kissed the top of her sternum where her breast came together to form her cleavage. With one hand he reached underneath her to unclasp her bra reveal her breast. Her breast were modest and full. He continued to kiss one breast while teasing her nipple erect with his free hand. Molia gently stretched as her nerves awakened. Jo lifted his head from her chest and kissed her lips again. She kissed him back, eager and hungry. He moved his hand from her breast to her stomach and he continued kiss her pulling at her lips slightly with each release. He slipped his hand into her panties and Molia spread her legs to allow him access. He caressed her clitoris which pushed her to release a soft moan. Molia’s hands encircled the back of Jo’s head and neck. She desperately yearned to feel him inside of her but willed herself not to roll herself over and on top of him. It was at that moment that Jo slipped his hand inside of her making her gasp. Then he was no longer kissing her lips. Well, at least not the ones on her face. Jo had moved below. His tongue flicked as he licked, sucked and kissed her. She could feel herself dripping in ecstasy beneath her.

Jo could feel Molia’s pleasure on his hand. She was soft, warm, wet and felt like the finest velvet. Her taste was addicting, and he could not get enough. He truly felt that if he drowned in her it would be worth it. While all of his manhood called to be put in for duty his longing for something real with Molia screamed at him that he should be patient for her. It was only their first real date but felt like the 50th. If he wanted more of this, he would deny himself and please her. He used his hands to explore her while he used his mouth to adore her. He found her g spot and stroked it with pressure until he could feel her release. Her removed his hand from her and lifted his head kissed her forehead. He lay beside her and pulled her onto his chest. She lay her head against him relaxed listening to the sound of his heartbeat. They lay in each other’s embrace quietly. Jo stroked her hair as Molia played with the buttons of his shirt he never took off. It was then she realized that he never even bothered to get undressed. Plagued with curiosity she broke their silence.

“So, I’m curious. I told you that I was ok to have sex but you never even took off your clothes. Why?”

“I enjoy waiting for the things that I want, and I don’t want that part until I have your heart. If I knew that pleasing you would please me so much then I might have waited for that too,” he said with a lighthearted chuckle.

“and I don’t get a say in this?”

“Nope. It’s delay, not denial. I know you have some things to figure out still about me and nurse boy. I want you for way more than sex. I see you and that is what I want.”

They lay in bed together in warm embrace and soon she had drifted off to sleep in the safety of Jo Bae.

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