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Travel Bug

So, I talk about how hard nursing is and everything that I wish I had done differently BUT honestly becoming a nurse has enriched my life in so many ways. For those who know me you know that I have a huge travel bug. I blame this in part to nursing. After I had been a nurse for about 3 years I started toying with the idea of travel nursing. My boyfriend at the time wasn't keen on the idea (he was kind of controlling) so I delayed it. Another #Lifelesson do not make life decisions based on temporary people. After about a year and a whole lot of drama I dumped that guy, snagged a new one and decided to go travel nursing and it was THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!

My first assignment was in Winston Salem, NC and it was a 3 month assignment. It only took one assignment and I was hooked! After my assignment ended I would travel nurse in Houston, San Francisco, Tracy, Redding, and Modesto. Of all of my assignments I liked working strikes the best. Aside from the astounding pay, there is a certain camaraderie that is birthed in being a scab! I met some of the most amazing people while travel nursing and was able to see a lot of the country. In fact, I still keep in touch with many of the people I have met to this day. However, life on the road can get a little lonely away from your friends and family.

On my first assignment away from home it was hard adjusting to a new hospital, doctors that you don't know, and not having the support of the nursing family I grew up with. I remember texting my boyfriend one night and was telling him how sad I was. He asked me if there was anything to do to make me feel better and I told him yes,"bring me a cookie". Now he was in his 4th year of medical school at this time and lived about 10 hours away. He continued to text me for the next several hours and then I heard a knock at the door. I looked through the peep hole and it was HIM! Not only did he drive over 10 hours to see me but he had a COOKIE! We had a great time and if you have never been to North Carolina during the fall/winter you should. We went snow tubing for the first time,and ate at a great restaurant called "Sweet Potatoes". After that, he would often come to visit me when I went on travel assignments but I never forgot the feeling I got his first surprise visit. I think he imprinted on me that trip because I have been crazy about him ever since. He has become the love of my life but he wasn't my first love.....

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