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POST 4-Lies?

She’s a liar. There is no way she is pregnant. When did he even see her? We had spent the last two weeks together. I saw him every day before work. This couldn’t be happening. I spoke to him later that evening. He told me he had seen her for Valentine’s day and that was the last time they had slept together. We were so close. It wasn’t fair. He didn’t want to be with her but now he was going to stay with her because he wanted to be a good guy and be a part of his child’s life. He said that he grew up in a two parent home and didn’t want his child to know anything different. He hoped that we could be….friends. I guess it was all the same. It wasn’t like we had sex. We were just hanging out. How could I be so stupid? I was hurt but I couldn’t be too upset. I almost admired him for staying with her although I couldn’t agree to stay with someone I didn’t love no matter what the circumstance. I cut off communication. It was just too hard to keep talking to him. When I would see him at the hospital I would leave.

Two months had gone by and we still hadn’t spoken. I got off work on a Friday morning and while driving I got a text message. It was from him. I read it as I pulled into my driveway.

“I miss you.”

My heart sank into my stomach. I didn’t reply but it didn’t keep me from thinking about it. I wasn’t going to fall back in the trap. He was in a relationship and had a kid on the way. I ignored it and made a conscious decision to move forward. I met this nice CRNA, Emanuel one day during an emergency intubation. He was handsome, tall, nice smile and well built. He asked me out on a date for Saturday and I was going to go. As it turns out me and Emanuel had a lot in common. We were both driven, and grew up in a single parent homes so we both saw our parents work hard to give us a good life. He was smart and funny but there was something off. I don’t know if it was that I was stuck on Greg but we were missing that chemistry. I decided that I would give it more time.

On our second date we went to play mini golf. As we completed the clown course and were walking towards lover’s lane I looked up and there he was, Greg. He was with a girl but it was NOT his girlfriend and this chick was definitely not pregnant. When I saw him our eyes met and my heart was in my throat. I diverted my attention back to Emanuel and tried very hard to ignore what I had seen. Who was this girl? Where was his baby mama? Was he cheating on his baby mama? Was she even pregnant at all or what this all some big game just to get rid of me. So many questions were swirling inside my head. As I continued to think my feelings progressed from bewilderment to rage.

I had barely made it home and kissed Emanuel good night before my phone started going off.

“Jasmine, it’s not what you think. Let me explain.”

Let him EXPLAIN? Was he serious? I couldn’t deal with this. He was too much drama. First he acts like he is single and flirts with me. Then, I find out he isn’t single and has a girlfriend. He convinces me that it is over between the two of them and I let my guard down and then get clobbered again when she comes up “pregnant” and he wants to be a present father. Now…, he wants to explain why I saw him with some woman who is so clearly not his girlfriend playing mini golf. Why does it even matter? We aren’t together and we aren’t friends. I showered then paced around in my bathroom rambling while I towel dried my hair. I heard a knock at the door. I wrapped a towel around me and went to the door. It was Emanuel.

“Hey, I said.”

“Hey, sorry to bother you like this but I got down the street and realized my tire was flat. I think I ran over a nail and took out my spare when I was moving some equipment. I called AAA but I was wondering if I could wait here until they showed up.”

“Sure, come in.” I threw on a t-shirt and put on a pot of coffee. I grabbed some cookies I had baked the other day and we were chatting when there was another knock at the door. I fully expected it to be AAA. It was Greg.

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