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MAJOR DRAMA 15: Baby Daddy

I got home and felt relieved to have the whole mess straightened out and to have the whole baby daddy debacle over or almost over. After a good long nap I woke up to another apology text from Greg. He apologized for ghosting me and promised not to talk to Natalia anymore. Best friend or not our growing family is what was the most important. He even called the lab and told them to discard our test because he trusted me. He set up an entire spa day for me to help me relax and gave me some money for rent so that I wouldn’t be stressed out. I still didn’t feel completely at ease but the fact that he seemed truly remorseful and was trying hard to make it up to me caused me to soften some.

The next day I woke up to the aroma of bacon cooking. My mom made a full breakfast for me. I kissed my mom on the cheek and sat down at the kitchen table.

“Good morning nina!”

“Morning mama”

“How are you feeling today?”

“I’m great mama how are you?”

“I am blessed but I had a dream last night that has me worried.”

“Really? What was it about?”

“You were happy but surrounded by snakes. Be very careful. Snakes are a sign of the enemy. The Lord always sends a warning before destruction.”

“I promise I will be careful.”

“Good. No weapon formed against us shall prosper but we must watch as well as pray.”

“Yes ma’am”

“So Greg and I will find out what the sex of the baby is in a couple of days and plan to have a gender reveal party at his place and I would love it if you would come.

“Of course I will be there. Anything for you,” she said and kissed me on the forehead.

Greg had been ignoring Natalia’s text messages. He knew that Natalia was having a hard time but he couldn’t ignore that she tried to pay Jasmine to have an abortion. After 3 days of not responding to her text Natalia decided to call which he ignored. He was on call at the hospital so he didn’t feel as bad about ignoring her calls. He hardly ever picked up the phone when he was at the hospital. He was walking down the hospital corridor watching videos on his phone when he was stopped by a familiar voice.


Greg lifted his head. “Natalia? Natalia what are you doing here?”

“Well, you wouldn’t answer my calls or text so I thought I would check up on you and see if you were ok.”

“Natalia, you really shouldn’t be here.”

“Really? After all this time we can’t even be friends?”

“Maybe we could be if you weren’t walking around trying to pay people to have an abortion and threatening them.”

“Is that what she told you? I threatened her?”

“Didn’t you?”

“Not so much. I simply suggested to help fix her problem so you and I could get back on track. I don’t know why you can’t see that I am only trying to protect you.”

“I don’t need your protection Natalia. I’m a big boy I can take care of myself.”

“Can you? Did you get the paternity test?

“Yes I did.”


“And I called and cancelled it. I trust Jasmine and if I want a good relationship with her then I am going to take her at her word.”

“Are you kidding me? Look, I get it. She is beautiful and smart but I am telling you that there is something off about her and I don’t trust her. I think that you should get the results and then decide what to do. You don’t even have to tell her you looked. If you are the father I promise that I will let this go and let you two live in peace. I will even buy you a baby present.”

Greg stood there then said, “I doubt they even have the test anymore. I already cancelled it.”

“Which lab did you go to? I have a few friends in the lab. I can call right now and see if they ran the blood before you cancelled the order.”

“It was ontime diagnostics.”

“Ok, I have a friend there let me give her a call.” They walked to a meeting room and Natalia put the phone on speaker as she spoke to her friend in the lab. Greg sent over an order for the test and in a few minutes he received and e-mail with the results. They had already run the test so all she had to do was push the release button. Greg opened the email and sat down in a chair nearby. He just sat there staring at his phone.

“It’s not mine.”

“What?” she said.

“The baby, it’s not mine.”

“Oh Greg, I’m so sorry. Well, at least you found out before you got in too deep.”

Natalia walked over to Greg and embraced him from behind. She could smell his perfume and she began to reminisce.

“I just can’t believe it’s not mine.”

“It’s for the best baby,” she whispered.

She began to kiss his neck. She spun him around in the office chair to face him and sat on his lap. She grabbed his lower jaw and pulled him to her and closed her mouth over his.

“Natalia, what are you doing.”

“I’m making you feel better.” She slid off his lap onto the floor and caressed his body from his chest to his abs and untied his scrub bottoms.


“Shhhhhh” Just relax. She unzipped his scrub bottoms and reached inside his boxers to release him from his prison. She grabbed him with both hands and began to massage him with her mouth. He was reluctant at first but quickly began to jerk with excitement in her mouth. She welcomed him inside her mouth deeper and deeper. She moaned vibrating her throat sending him wild. With one hand she caressed his jewels while holding the shaft tight at the bottom as she pushed him deep into her throat. A short while later he climaxed. Greg just sat there staring off.

“It’s all going to be ok baby. This is all behind us and we can be together now.”

“Natalia, I don’t want to get back together.”

“What? But she is a liar. You don’t have to be with her the baby isn’t yours.”

“It wasn’t about the baby. She doesn’t know that I know. Even if I’m not that child’s father I’m not going to leave her.”

“What about what just happened?”

“That was a mistake. I think I was just in shock. Thank you though, it was great.”

Natalia stood up, gathered her things and slammed the door as she exited the meeting room.

Greg had decided not to tell Jasmine. While he was deeply hurt, who she was as a person was simply more important. He was in love and DNA or not they were having a baby.

They had gone to the doctor earlier that week and would soon know if they would be welcoming a little boy or a little girl. They both wanted to be surprised so they had the results mailed to a special balloon company that took the results and filled a balloon with pink or blue confetti paper. On the day of the gender reveal party they all gathered at Greg’s house. He had the house decorated professionally and catered with all of Jasmine’s pregnancy cravings. When it was time to pop the balloon they all gathered in the back yard for the big moment. The balloon was a 3 foot tall balloon person with a giant black balloon belly with question marks all over it. They both held a syringe with a needle on the end to pop the balloon.

“Ok guys it’s time to count down,” Greg said.

“10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1!” The crowd yelled.

When they finished counting down they popped the balloon and Jasmine let out a scream that struck fear in everyone in attendance. Everyone was quiet. There was no pink or blue confetti. Someone had filled their gender reveal balloon with blood.

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