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10: MAJOR DRAMA: Jellybean Dreams

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

"Greg, she said."

"Natalia!, he said nervously."

"What are you doing here? Who's this?"

", He stammered."

"I'm Jasmine. Greg and I are friends. I was nervous about coming to the doctor alone and he was nice enough to accompany me and you are?

"Oh gosh how rude. I'm Natalia. I'm Greg's girlfriend. I'm just here getting a checkup myself. You two are good friends you say?. Hmmmm.... I'm surprised didn't mention me."

"Girlfriend? Oh wow, I let out a nervous laugh. Well, that is a surprise. Greg, why didn't you tell me that you had a girlfriend I said as I not so playfully hit his arm. She is very beautiful so I can't imagine that you are hiding her?"

"Who me? No! I wasn't hiding her. There is nothing to hide. Anyway, I have to get you home. I'm sure you need your rest. Natalia, I will call you a little later ok?"

I was fuming. It was all a lie. He stood there in that parking garage and lied. He told me he broke up with her. All that talk about me being special and breaking up with her so that I would give him another chance and doing whatever it takes. How could I be so dumb. I was upset with him but I was upset with myself even more for believing the lie. I was upset that I sat in that office like some dummy and thought that this could be good and that we could work, be a family even. I didn't speak to him for most of the ride home. We pulled into my driveway and he turned off the car.


I cut him off.

"Don't! Just don't. I let you back in and you lied. All of it was a lie. You are still together. There is nothing that you can say that will ever make me trust you again after what you just did."

"Look, Jas....I didn't lie to you. I broke up with Natalia but she is having a very hard time accepting it. I took her out for lunch one day and explained it all to her. I loved her very much but only as a friend. I told her that it just wasn't right for me anymore and I didn't want to string her along."

"Ok, then what?"

"Then nothing. She didn't yell or cry or anything really. She got up from the table and left. She has been texting me and calling like nothing happened. She even stopped by the hospital to take me to lunch one day. I didn't really know what to do so I went and it was probably the most awkward lunch ever. I thought it was just weird because of the breakup and all but sometimes I actually wonder if I just imagined it because she really hadn't responded. She was just acting like it never happened. I ran into her brother the other day and he asked if I was coming to his birthday party. I'm guessing she hasn't told any of her family because he didn't even like me that much so I assume he certainly wouldn't invite me if he knew we weren't together anymore. I stopped responding to her text. Not all at once but just spacing out responses and skipping days thinking it would help her come to terms with all of it but judging by what happened in the elevator that hasn't worked either. Listen, you and our baby are the most important thing in my life. I will take care of Natalia. I will sit her down again and make sure she knows that we are no longer together. I do not want you worrying about this about anything. I will take care of it. I told you that I would do whatever it took to prove to you that I can be the man you deserve and I meant that."

He seemed sincere. I wasn't sure if I was making yet another mistake but something in my gut told me that I could trust him. I shook my head agreeing to let him handle it and he helped me inside. Maybe, I would have my happy ending after all. I watched him drive off.


"Hey Nat, it's me. We need to talk."

Just as I walked up to the door he was greeted by Natalie.

"Hey baby!"

"Look Natalia...."

"Baby c'mon I have gotten all of your favorite foods and I even rented our favorite movie. It has been so long since we spent time together like this. I have missed you so much."

"Natalia! Greg yelled. Natalia, I'm confused. We broke up. Do you remember that? We had lunch and I told you that I love you but only see you as a friend?"

"I remember something like that but I don't think you mean it. I know I haven't been myself since losing the baby and haven't really been feeling like having sexy time and that messes with a relationship. We have grown apart but I'm better now. I'm ready."

She opened trench coat to reveal her perfectly sculpted body in sexy champagne lingerie. She approached him and pressed her body against his and began kissing his neck.

"Natalie, I don't want this."

"Well that's funny because I think another part of you didn't get the memo, she said as she continued kissing"

He pulled away and held her at arms length so she couldn't continue.

"Natalie, you know I still love you but just not that way. I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt you but I don't want to be in this relationship anymore."

She covered herself and began to cry.

"I don't understand. We have been together for 6 years. I have put my heart and soul into this relationship. We just lost a child. What am I supposed to do without you?" she sobbed and collapsed to the floor.

"Oh, Natalie. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry all of this happened. I will always be here for you just not as your boyfriend. You are my best friend Nat." he gently caressed her hair as she continued to cry.

"What did I do wrong? Is it because of the baby? That wasn't my fault we can have more kids. I already talk to the doctor and they did a full workup and genetic testing and she says that I am fine and can have kids and to give it time. We just need more time. We need to go back to how things were in the beginning. That is why I got all of our favorite foods and our favorite movie and we can try again. We can try right now. I'm ovulating we can make a baby."

"Natalie, it's not you. It's not the baby. You are great and always have been and of course you can have babies. I have never blamed you for losing the baby.....but when you lost the baby I was a bit relieved."

Her eyes changed from sad to angry.

"Relieved? You were relieved when I lost OUR CHILD! Are you kidding me? Get out!"

"C'mon Nat I didn't mean.."

"Get out," she continued to yell as she pushed him towards the door. "I don't know who you are right now but I bet it has something to do with that "friend" you were with earlier is that it?" he didn't say anything. "Yeah, I though so." she slammed the door as she continued to cry.

The next morning she awakened and she was still leaning against the front door. How could Greg do this to her. This was not him. Someone had gotten to him. He never would have done anything like this on his own. That girl. What did she say her name was? Ugh, think Natalia. She closed her eyes and replayed that moment in her head...Jennifer, Jessica, Jaslyn, JASMINE! She ran and grabbed her computer. She wasn't on social media. Greg always hated when women flaunted all of their business on social media. "Attention whores" he would call them. Women with daddy issues who need validation on their beauty or self worth through likes and heart eye emojis. Well, I no longer had to impress Greg. She opened up the blue app on her computer and after a few clicks Destiny Woodward was a brand new member of social media society. It didn't take much effort to find Greg and his profile was PUBLIC. Hmmmm...attention whores huh? Who was the whore now? He even had his number listed. No wonder she was able to latch herself onto to him. He made himself a target. Poor baby I'm sure he didn't even see it coming. She just saw a good looking doctor and made herself available. She searched his friends list. Ah ha....

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