Who can't get extensions?


Those with a lack of eyelashes


obsessive lash pulling disorder


Dry eye sydrome


allergies related to the eye including hay fever


On chemotherapy


Conjunctivitis or other active eye infection


recent eye surgery or any condition that makes it difficult to close the eye

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PLEASE READ: There are absolutely NO REFUNDS for ANY REASON!

Please be VERY clear when explaining how you would like your extensions to look during your preservice consultation. In addition, scheduling of an appointment does not guarantee service. If your lashes are found to be damaged,weakened, thin, or otherwise unsuitable to high quality extensions you may be asked to reschedule or declined for service. Please see all contraindications for lash extensions.

What should I book?


Classic=a little length with extra curl. very natural. ONLY pick this set if you want a natural look. If you do not have A LOT of natural lashes it will not look very full.

Hybrid= natural but full 1/2 classic and 1/2 volume

volume-very full and noticeable-dramatic

Mega Volume-very dense,dark and super dramatic

 You are only a few clicks away from Tuscaloosa's best lash extensions.  We understand that sometimes things happen that may not be avoided and you may have to cancel or reschedule an appointment. We allow each of our clients a one time FREEBIE where you may cancel an appointment after the 24 hour time period. However, if you cancel an appointment after your one time freebie a deposit will be required for all future appointments and will not be scheduled until the deposit is paid. To cancel or reschedule please  text 251-545-8638 as soon as possible so that we can offer your appointment to other clients who are waiting.  -Thank you from the I.C.U!