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1. Major Drama

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Dear Ms. Molly,

I think I may be the other woman. I don't know how it happened or even when it happened. Let me start from the beginning. His name was Gregory Adkins III M.D. He was 6feet 4 inches of smooth caramel skin, silky dark curly hair, hazel brown eyes and dimples a girl could get lost in. Of course he had all the nurses wrapped around his stethoscope. All he had to do was walk on to the ward and they were basically tripping over themselves to find whatever chart he needed. It was sickening. He was handsome don't get me wrong, but he was not the brightest bulb. He was a third year resident and still had a lot of growing to do, especially his professionalism. He could make a mistake and all they would do is look into his big brown eyes and poof all of his troubles went away. I knew his kind and I couldn't stand it.

He never experienced a hard day in his life. His family is loaded and he went to medical school just because he needed a hobby. Me on the other hand, I am in it for the love of medicine. I take patient care very serious. Nothing was handed to me. I worked myself through school. I had two jobs, took classes around my jobs and still barely made enough to eat a solid meal every other day. Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jasmine Mariano and I am a nurse at one of the best hospitals in Southern California. I work in the cardiac I.C.U. and have been a nurse for five years. I have brought patients back from the brink of death over and over.

The first time I met Greg was during a code. He was working the night shift when we called the code. He came straggling in after we had already initiated ACLS protocol. If you have seen one code you have seen them all and we ran codes like a well oiled machine. Three minutes after he walks in we get the patient back. He pulls off his yellow gown and swaggers out of the room like a big shot, "good job everyone. I couldn't have done it without you." " Done it without us? Of course he couldn't. He couldn't be bothered to do chest compressions. He would mess up his pretty hair." After the code I walked out with a pile of supplies in my hand. I dropped a pack of gloves and when I went to reach down for them my head unexpectedly hit something. I looked up and staring back at me were those warm brown eyes. I was dizzy but I don't think it was all from the head shot. "Geez, I said as I winced in pain."

"I guess great minds think alike, he said. I'm Dr. Adkins, Greg."

" I know who you are I said." I was not in the mood to make new friends. He just stood there looking at me blankly. I guess he was used to women swooning he didn't recognize the attitude. "Page me when the post code lab results come back."

I don't know but something about the tone of his voice made me stupid. "Huh?, I said."

" The labs...from the code. Call....Me....When...The....Labs....Come....Back....Comprende?"

Who was he talking to like they were stupid ?" No soy sordo o tonto! (I'm not deaf or dumb), I said."

"No dije que eras (I didn't say you were), he responded."

Instantly, I was turned on.

to be continued....

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