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A-flutter: Cookie monster

A flutter: Cookie Monster

Jo returned after about an hour or so with all the items I had asked him to retrieve from my house.

“There you are. You sure took a long time. Sniffing my underwear?

“I have never been in such a neat but disorganized house before. I couldn’t find anything!”

“Me? Disorganized? What are you talking about? Everything in my house is perfectly organized just as I like it. My house is perfect!”

“Really, so your toothpaste is in the kitchen because?”

“Because that is where I keep my vitamins. I wake up and take my medication and I grab something to drink out of the fridge and then I brush teeth in the kitchen while I start my coffee and catch up on the news. So as I said my toothpaste is just where it should be. Wherever I put it.”

“Ok, I will give you that but what about the…”

Just as he started in on his last question we were interrupted by the nurse entering and what an interruption it was. Just then, entered the night nurse. He, was, beautiful. He stood there 6’2 with smooth cocoa brown skin, scrubs that hugged his biceps in a way that let you know he worked out and perfect teeth and shone like the moon when he smiled.

“Hi, I’m Jacob. I will be your nurse for the night. How are you feeling this evening?”

“Mo! Jo exclaimed snapping me from my trance.”


Jacob chuckled a bit and flash a quick smile. How are you feeling?”

“Fine, you’re fine. I mean, I. I am fine. I am doing fine this evening and you?”

“I’m doing fine as well. Look, I didn’t mean to barge in on your conversation with your husband.”

“He’s not my husband.”

“I’m sorry, your boy……”

I began shaking my head no and he trailed off.

“I can see I’m only going to stick my foot further in my mouth so I will just give you this. It’s a consent for your procedure tomorrow. I’m hoping that we have a smooth night and won’t need it but I thought I would leave it for you to read tonight and you can sign it in the morning if we need it.”

“Great, well I hope we don’t need it as well but…”

Before I could finish my sentence I could feel my heart start up again and my vision begin to dim. I sat back on the bed and quickly regained my ability to see.

“It’s ok people just got a little dizzy that’s all.”

“Well, I think it’s best that you stay in bed for the rest of the night”, Jacob said.

“Jacob, it’s Jacob right. Look Jacob you are nice to look at but I have to get out of here tomorrow. The doctor told me to get up and walk around. Those are doctor’s orders.”

“Yes, I understand but I think if you are getting dizzy just lying there then it probably is unsafe for you to walk around but I will make you a deal. Let me pass out my 9pm meds including your beta blocker and I will be around at 10 and I will walk with you and keep you safe.”

“Well, I guess that sounds ok.

“I’m sure you are very busy Josh, I can walk with her and put her to bed for you,” Jo said.

“It’s Jacob, and while I appreciate your offer I can take care of her. Besides, you have to be going anyway, visiting hours…”, Jacob said in a very mine is bigger than yours type of way.

Jo stood up, clearly beaten this round.

“I will check on you tomorrow. Text me after you get in bed so that I know you are ok,” he said as he headed for the door.

Jo left and I was alone and feeling very turned on at the idea of the pissing match I just watched. It had been a very long time since I had two men at odds over me. It had been a very long time since I had even one man fussing over me. Life has a way of changing you sometimes and after Caleb……I just hadn’t wanted to let a man get close to me.

Jacob finished his rounds and came back as promised. I did not know such a beautiful man existed in the world let alone 3 floors down. As I sat up in bed he was already down on one knee with my slippers ready and waiting like Prince Charming and Cinderella. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought.

“It’s like a fairy tale,” he said.

“Huh? What is?”

“This moment. Doesn’t it kind of feel like a fairy tale?”

“Yeah, it kind of does.”

I slipped on my robe and I placed my hand on his forearm to steady myself as we walked down the hallway. I was nervous. His arm was warm, tan, and lightly covered with fine, smooth hair. He smelled nice too. Not too strong like cologne, but he smelled fresh so you knew he showered right before he came in. He had nice arms like he worked out. His scrubs looked good on him.

“I’m really glad to finally get to meet you.”

Him speaking snapped me out of my trance.

“I would say me too but until today I didn’t know that you existed but I am always grateful for the opportunity to learn new things.”

“I have seen you a couple other times at the hospital. I saw you one morning when you were getting off. I was leaving late and I think you were too. It must have been one of those nights because you were moving slow like you were tired but you were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. From that day to this one I promised myself that if I had the opportunity to see you again I would be brave and introduce myself. Then I come in tonight and you were on my team and I knew this was my chance. I’m sorry I hope I am not creeping you out. I just didn’t want to let another chance pass.”

“Oh, no I’m no creeped out. I think it’s really quite sweet and brave.”

“So are you seeing anybody?”

“No, not at the moment.”

“Oh, by the way that guy was acting it seemed like maybe you too had something going on.”

“No, he is…..a new friend. I think? It’s not really clear what we are. He was there when this first started. He was really nice and was helping take care of me. At first I thought he was just trying to keep me from suing because I passed out in his salon but I think maybe he is just being nice.”

“Oh ok, well I don’t want any trouble.”

“No, it’s nothing like that.”

“Well, we are back to you room and you did great so I will let you get some rest and if you need anything at all you give me a call and I will come see you.”

I managed to tell him thank you but there was little rest that I was going to get knowing he was walking up and down the halls.

The next day I was visited by Dr. Bui, the angel of mercy, and released from the hospital. Jo had called that morning and insisted on picking me up. I didn’t want to argue and he already knew where I lived and had been in my house so I agreed. Jacob was about to leave for the day so he wheeled me out to the discharge area. There was Jo standing next to a brand new Audi R8. He opened the door and walked up to Jacob and me.

“Thank you but I can take it from here,” Jo said.

He moved Jacob out of the way and took the wheelchair. He opened the door and helped me up out of the chair and I got in the car. He returned the wheelchair and returned to car closing the car door hard.

“Angry much,” I said?

“Angry? Who’s angry? I’m not angry.”

“Aww that’s cute. You’re jealous. Look Jo you are a nice guy but I just don’t see you that way.”

“You were seeing and feeling me just fine until murse Jacob showed up. Or was all that at the salon just the performance of a skilled actor?”

“All of what at the salon?”

“Well, I don’t know but it seemed to me…….from how you were acting that maybe you wanted me to massage more than just your legs.”

I turned red not sure what to say. I was certain or at least hoping that my behavior was unnoticed.

“Look, I may have suggested that I would have been down for more but honestly I got caught up in the moment. You have been very nice to me and I am grateful for you but I really think that we were meant to just be friends.”

“Friends….and do you want to be just friends with the murse?”

“Honestly, that is none of your business.”

“You are right. Well, thank you for your honesty. So, where would you like to go? I’m sure you have to be hungry. I know anything you had in there couldn’t have been very good.”

“I’m fine really you can take me home. I will probably just order in and get in bed.”

“What are you going to order and please don’t say Chinese!”

I started laughing hysterically!

“Are you kidding me? I’m Asian! What would that look like if your Asian friend let you order Chinese? I might as well let you do your own math homework too. That’s like you letting me pick out the watermelon at the grocery store or buy fried chicken. No, tell me what you want and I will stop at the store and make you real Asian food.”

We stopped and 20 minutes later Jo came back with several paper bags. When we arrived at my house he kicked me out of the kitchen and forced me into the bath he made.

He lit candles and drew me a milk bath with lavender and chamomile essential oils, Epsom salt, rose petals, and lilac. I got in and it was as if I was swallowed. My arms went limp and my breath grew heavy. What was in this bath? I felt like a zombie. After about 20 minutes he came to check on me and brought me a bottle of water. He laid out a warm towel and fluffy robe and slippers.

I somehow made it out of the quick sand and emerged feeling renewed. My skin was smooth, soft and smelled lightly of lavender. As I made my way towards the kitchen I began to smell a wonderful aroma. He had prepared a dinner of fried rice, shrimp egg rolls, and hibachi steak and shrimp. He said he was going for American Asian. It was all delicious. I was full and relaxed. We laid on a blanket in the center of my living room staring at the ceiling.



“Why are you single?”

“It’s a long story Jo.”

“I have time.”

(long pause)

“About 3 years ago I dated this guy named Caleb. We met one night when I was out at a bar with some friends. At first things were perfect. He was funny, smart, handsome, charismatic and driven. He owned a very successful tech company. He was everything I thought I wanted but things started to change. After about 8 months together he started telling me how he didn’t like my friends. He said that he thought they were too sexual and made me look cheap. So I stopped hanging with them. He suggested that I put off going back to school. He said when we were married that I wouldn’t have to work and could focus on school then. He started drinking more. One night he came home drunk and horny. I was in the shower and didn’t hear him come in. He came in the shower behind me and started kissing my neck. I could smell the bar on him. I pushed him off of me and told him to sober up. As I went to walk out of the shower he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me back in. He pushed me into the corner of the shower and gripped my face and throat with his hand as he pushed his mouth down on mine. I tried to push him off of me but it only made him angrier. He went on talking about how I thought I was better than him. He said that I wanted to be the man and that’s why I wanted to go back to school. He said that no matter how much education I got I would never be a man or respected like a man. He was going to show me who the man was and who was the woman.

He pulled me out of the shower and made me stand in front of the mirror. He said, “Who is the man?” When I didn’t answer fast enough he pressed my face hard against the mirror and screamed louder. Then he said he was going to teach me since I didn’t know. He bent me over my vanity holding my hair as he pressed my face against the cold marble countertop. I choked on my screams as hot tears flowed down my cheeks onto the counter as he thrust himself wildly into me from behind grunting. In two minutes it was over and he pushed me out of the way and into the toilet. I lay on the floor next to that toilet all night. I was in shock about what happened to me. It didn’t seem real. When I did get up he was gone. I gathered all of my things and left. I changed my number and stayed in hotel for a month until I found a new job. When I found work I paid someone to pack my things and move me and I never went back to my home.”

“Mo …did you go to the police?”

“The police? Please, the police weren’t going to take my word over his. He is a very powerful person. The best thing I have ever done for myself is to get out of there and never look back. There’s more…..I was pregnant. After I left I missed my period. I thought it was just late from the stress of everything but it wasn’t. I took 5 test and all positive. I decided that I didn’t want to have any reminders of that horrible thing that happened to me so I had an abortion. People think having an abortion is easy but it was by far the hardest thing I have ever done. I was so depressed and after everything that happened with Caleb I just did not want to try with another human being. After about a year I started working with a therapist and working on my healing. That has been my focus. So, that is the long version.”

“Thank you for sharing. I know you don’t need my validation but I think that what you have done in overcoming so much pain and adversity is extremely sexy.”

“See, there you go. I told you that I want us to be just friends. You can’t go saying things like that. I must say though, you are pretty easy to talk to. You are the first person I have ever told that to besides my therapist.”

“Then I feel privileged. I don’t mind courting you. You are worth waiting for. I know it. Do you really mean to tell me that you feel nothing between us?”

He sat up propped up on his elbow facing me. He flashed that perfect smile and I saw the crease of his dimple forming. My eyes were drawn to his lips that looked like to perfect pink pillows. I did feel something for him though. He felt comfortable without even trying. I don’t know what made me do it but I kissed him.

His lips were soft and met mine with reciprocal eagerness. His kisses were slow, sweet and full of passion. He pressed his body up against mine firmly and I could feel the bulge in his pants grow. He turned his attention from my lips to the corner of my lips, then down my neck all the way to my collar bone. He used his free hand to untie my robe. He slid his hand to my belly and traced my navel as if he -was driving around a round-a-bout trying to decide which outlet to take. He decided to drive north. While he continued to kiss me he traced my breast until he teased my nipple erect. He ran his fingers back down my belly, past the round-a-bout south. He touched me softly and slowly in circles as if turning on a sink. I began to flow. He tested the water and when it was the right temperature he slipped his hand inside. He moved inside me while his thumb massaged me from the outside. It had been awhile but waves of pleasure crashed into me and the room was gray only it was not my heart. I felt him hard against my thigh kissing me hungrily while keeping his hands soft inside. He began tapping on my wall from the inside as if looking for a stud. When he found it, I was pushed over the edge. My vagina began to contract hard around him, oozing as I moaned in ecstasy. He withdrew his hand and kissed my head.

Then he smiled and said, “Yeah, I like you too.”

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